sunday thoughts

so today’s thoughts/blog will be discussing life and career. i’ve been a social worker since grad school. that’s all i know (besides teenage babysitting for family lol). they always say people go into social work because they have “issues”. i always tried to refute that but when i think about it, i went into social work b/c when i was younger and going through some hard times i wish i had the support that i’ve been to my clients. so fast forward through a few years, a few jobs, here i am. i’ll be honest, the last two years of my career have been challenging. i mean, i know every job is challenging – i think i just hit my bump though. i’m not saying i want to quit the field all together, but i think i am due for a “break”. it sucks b/c i just started a new job and to already quit is daunting. i really wish i had taken a break before finding a new job. close friends ask what i would do. literally nothing. just kidding. sort of. i want to go to sleep and wake up not stressed/anxious about going to work and what the day has in store for me. i want to be able to read all my mounting books. garden. go on long walks. i just want to have a peace of mind and heart. friends have been supportive; lending a listening ear, providing their insight, and some being carefree “just quit – you won’t get this time back”. if only it were that easy. not only do i have my own expectations but i have that of my mother. i moved back in with her after dad passed away years ago and haven’t moved out since (that’s a whole new blog – lol). i don’t want to be a disappointment to her. social work is known to have a high turnover in jobs and now i understand why. don’t get me wrong, i love helping people. i just think i’ve gotten to the point where i need to help myself. i’m going to stick it out as long as i can with this job. wish me luck.

Hey there

So I thought I’d give blog life another try. I’ve blogged when I was in college years ago and never kept up with it. Here I am, 35 years old, giving it another go. My blog won’t be geared towards anything specific. Just whatever is on my mind. Work, love, life. You know, the good stuff (haha). Pretty much just wanted/needed a place to express my thoughts. Hopefully I can inspire and support others and vice versa. So hope you enjoy the ride with me. Xo.